Since inception in 1994 Rossier, Mari & Associates Ltd. have focused on comprehensive and competent consulting activities which meet clients’ needs. In addition to our core competencies we also provide together with our partner firms the entire spectrum of professional family office services.

Our selected circle of clients includes private individuals, freelancers, business people, owner-managed enterprises and established families who prefer to entrust their activities at home and abroad to a reliable, business-oriented partner that can support and assist them in all business and investment opportunities.

Establishing a personal relationship between consultant and client as well as fostering long-term, trusting partnerships are key elements of our service philosophy.

Financial management & financial consulting

Whether personal or family-owned, assets should be diligently structured, invested, managed and monitored. We analyse our clients’ personal family situation taking into account all personal requests and guidelines.

Where clients have already entrusted their investments to various banks and asset managers, we cooperate with such service providers. In this situation, we support the decision-making process by providing overall supervision, consolidation services and by carrying out comparative performance analysis of the various portfolios.

  • Asset allocation and investment strategy
  • Evaluation by currency, type of security and country
  • Performance analysis and assessment of securities portfolios
  • Cost-profit analysis
  • Consolidation of several portfolios